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Environmental Responsibility

Recycling in Motion

Recycling in Motion is a recycler and re-processor of plastic waste, specializing in developing recycling programs, committed to contributing to a "greener" world, by collecting and safely disposing of plastic waste. RIM employs a customized approach to its recycling programs to meet each client’s unique need. With a collective management experience of over three decades in plastic processing, RIM is dedicated to the safe and environment-friendly waste disposal.

Piranha International Limited

Piranha International Ltd. is the only certified and recognized E-waste recycler in the region as recognized by the Basel Action Network. A technology asset management company specializing in bespoke software, Pirahna ensures that E-waste is properly handled thus preventing it from going to landfills.

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The company focuses its environmental efforts on minimizing the negative impact its operations have on the environment. To this end the company has introduced recycling programs to reduce general waste and e-waste material generated by the company.


Lange Trinidad Limited has also developed an extensive set of procedures governing the handling and disposal of battery-acid and lubricants which form a portion of the company’s quality management manual.


Lange Trinidad Limited strives towards co-operating with all government agencies and departments to ensure that the obligations to those agencies and departments are being surpassed to prevent pollution, and to contribute to the overall economic and environmental well being of the country.


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