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The Auto Parts department operates from the purposely built 44,400 sq. ft. head office and warehouse facility in Chaguanas. An experienced sales team that has collectively provided in excess of 200 years of service to the Company and, most importantly, service to our valued customers, staffs the department. Lange Trinidad Limited understands the dynamism of the auto-parts industry and focuses on providing products that best match the evolving needs and requirements of the market.


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The Automotive department is the oldest within the Company. It has been in existence since the inception of the company, when, in 1957 Mr. Eric Lange founded the San Fernando based family business as an Auto Parts Commission Agency. Today, the department offers an extensive range of top branded world-renowned products to the Trinidad and Tobago market such as:

Suspension & Drive Train

  • Tokico Shock Absorbers

  • GSP Shock Absorbers

  • Terada Rubber Products

  • 555 Steering and Suspension

  • Ball & Roller Bearings

  • Locko Rubber Products

  • Delphi Suspension Parts

  • Parts Mall Suspension Parts

  • Febest Suspension Parts

  • GMB Universal Joints


Car Care & Maintenance



  • Precision International Auto Transmission Parts

  • Electrical

  • Delphi Engine Sensors


  • Bando Belts

  • GULF Oil

  • FRAM Filters

  • GMB Water Pumps

  • Parut Water and Fuel Pumps

  • Koyosan Fuel Pumps

  • MOBIL Oil

  • Prestone Engine Coolant

  • Payen Seals

  • THO Seals

  • KP Gaskets


Brake Clutch & Transmission

  • Delphi Lockheed Brake and Clutch Fluid

  • Exedy Clutch and Transmission Parts

  • Precision International Auto Trans Parts

  • GULF Oil

  • Seiken Brake & Clutch Parts

  • Intima Brake Pads and Shoes

  • Delphi Brake Parts and Rotors

  • SBK Cables



  • Autolite Spark Plugs

  • B&B Ignition Cables and Coil Packs

  • Century Electrical Components

  • Delphi Electrical Parts

  • Automotive Bulbs

  • Automotive Fuses

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